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Best Ways How to Tell if You Have Bad Breath

Here are the best ways how to tell if you have bad breath.

If you have ever wondered: what is the best way to test for bad breath, just follow these easy guidelines.

Doing a bad breath test on yourself is not as hard as it may seem. But some methods definitely work better than others.

Most people feel that simply exhaling into a cupped hand and then sniffing is a good test for bad breath. However, it may not be as effective as you might think. You may also be picking up odors from the hand.

How to tell if you have bad breathThe absolute best way for you to know if you have bad breath is to ask a friend to smell your breath. Obviously that has to be a close friend and that may not always be available to you.

If a friend is not available then you are on your own. You can lick your hand and let it dry for a few seconds. Then a quick sniff will reveal a partial tell of your breath. The reason this is effective is that some of what is causing the odors in your mouth have now been transferred to your hand.

Another test is to take a cotton swab and rub the back of tongue and inner cheek. Smell this and that can be very revealing. The reason this is better is because you will not be confusing the smell with any additional odors that may be present on your hand.

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Still another test for bad breath is to take a spoon and gently drag it across your tongue. Let what has been collected on the spoon it sit for a moment to dry slightly then sniff. This can be a very revealing method.
Some people like to smell their floss after it has been run between the teeth, but that generally will reveal an odor from food remnants that have been removed.

bad breath reportIf you are the type of person that has chronic bad breath you may want to see a physician to have a more scientific test done. They usually use an instrument called a halimeter.

This will test for the compounds found in your mouth. They can be traced to their origin to solve the problem.

Follow these simple methods on how to tell if you have bad breath and you should be able to gauge your situation pretty clearly. The last thing anyone wants is to have bad breath and be ruining everyone’s day. If you have found your breath is not as fresh as you would like, now it is time to seek out the best bad breath solutions.