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Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Looking for home remedies for bad breath--well here are a few that are inexpensive and surprisingly effective as bad breath solutions.

If you chew slowly hazelnuts, they are said to absorb bad breath.

After eating a spicy meal, try a spoonful of lemon juice with a pinch of salt. It will help with garlic and onion breath. 

Cinnamon sticks in hot water or just sucked on will absorb sulphorous odors in the mouth and leave a sweet lingering taste.

Home remedies for bad breathA variety of herbs can be chewed and swallowed raw for fresher breath. They can also be used to make tea. If you use enough of the herb leaves, seep over night and then strain, they can be used to make very effective gargle products.

Clove is worth mentioning all on its own. It has very effective breath freshening and antiseptic properties. Take 4 cloves and grind them up add to a cup of water. Bring to a boil and strain. This also makes a very effective gargle with a pleasant aftertaste.

Another simple home remedy for bad breath is to chew a small bit of cardamom after meals. The aromatic flavor from cardamom seeds ill help to sweeten the inside of the mouth.
Some people like to brush their teeth with baking soda or add a small bit to their toothpaste. This helps to reduce and neutralize acidity in the mouth. High acidity accelerates bacteria growth which leads to stronger foul odors in the mouth.

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Fennel seeds can be used to make a soothing tea that also has fresh breath enhancing qualities.

bad breath reportChewing on a small piece of ginger will help with digestion and leave a pleasant aftertaste for the breath.

Parsley, most commonly used as a garnish can help to fight bad breath. Eat it raw, put it in a smoothie or use it in a tea. This herb contains chlorophyll, a known breath deodorizer.

These are all good ideas that have worked for many as effective home remedies for bad breath.

But be sure not to overlook the obvious. Brushing your teeth and flossing properly is the most important thing a person can do to have fresh breath.