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How to Treat Chronic Bad Breath

Here is how to treat chronic bad breath. One is a sure fire solution for chronic bad breath and the others are easier bad breath solutions offered here, just in case you haven’t tried them yet.

Chronic bad breath is defined as a bad breath condition that just won’t go away. Maybe you have tried many possible solutions, but the bad breath just seems to keep coming back. If that is the case then you have a chronic condition that needs more serious attention.

Before bad breath can be solved it is necessary to understand what might be causing it.

chronic bad breath Many people are not aware that there are more than 170 different types of bacteria that live in our mouths. This bacteria feeds on pieces of food left behind after we eat. These pieces of food are small and often lodged in between teeth and gums.

As the bacteria works on these particles of food a foul smelling sulfur compound is produced. It is this product which primarily is responsible for unpleasant smelling breath.

It is important to remove these particles of food from the teeth and mouth as soon as possible after eating by brushing and flossing.

Quite often using an inexpensive tongue scraper tool can be used to remove white film from the tongue. That white tongue coating can also contribute greatly to halitosis.

Another cause for bad breath is having a dry mouth. Drinking fluids especially plenty of water throughout the day will help combat this problem. Minimize the intake of alcohol and coffee also. Chewing a sugar free gum can stimulate saliva production and moisten them mouth.

Certain foods contribute to bad breath. These should be avoided as much as possible. These include foods like, onions, garlic and others.

Eating certain foods can help freshen breath. Mint, parsley, ginger, to name a few, will help make breath smell better on a temporary basis.

Another method to consider for the chronic bad breath sufferer is to take a look at the suggestions and treatment methods offered in the "Bad Breath Report". This report reveals how to get rd of bad breath with a 96% success rate, using common stiff you can buy at the supermarket.

If the "Bad Breath Report" has such a high success rate and you have tried everything else, it is worth at least worth a look. You can get a copy of this report by clicking here.

If you still cannot get rid of bad breath then there is likely a more serious problem. It could be caused by any number of internal problems like post nasal drip, periodontal disease, digestive problems and many others.

The solution here, and this is the sure fire solution we referred to at the top, is to visit a medical doctor that specializes in this area. They will test and examine you to determine the cause and recommend an appropriate remedy for your chronic bad breath.